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2002-2003 AWARDS

End of Year Band Banquet Awards

Louie Armstrong Award - Chris Palffy
Ricky Turk Memorial Award - Ashley Wise
Outstanding Concert Band Member Award  Blue Band - Ricky McMahon
Outstanding Concert Band Member Award  Gold Band - Rebecca Ferrell
Semper Fidelis Band Award - Chris Palffy
John Philip Sousa Band Award - Chris Palffy
Senior Band Member Scholarship Awards
                     Alicia Henry
                     Brooke Lewis
                     Sara McDermott
                     Chris Palffy
                     Kristi Puffinburger
                     Tim Ray
                     Ashleigh Rhodes
                     Jana Rodriguez
                     Holly West
                     Ashley Wise

Awards were given by Mr. Rutherford to the Outstanding Students during Band Camp. Each individual winner will receive a plaque. Congradulations to the following:

Outstanding Freshman -       Brian Smith & Kirsten Smulivitz
Outstanding Sophomore -     Laura Smelser
Outstanding  Junior -            Carissa Lynch
Outstanding Senior -             Holly West
Outstandind Guard Member - Freshman - Kendra Dokes
Outstanding Section -           Drum Line & Color Guard

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