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Course Syllabus
2002 - 2003

Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Concert Band
James Wood High School

Jeffrey A. Rutherford, Instructor
667-5226 ext .232
Voicemail box #381
662-3774 Band Office

Class Activity Fee:  $10.00  (Due to the Band Office by August 30, 2002)

Class Description
The Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Concert Band Courses run on a concert season schedule throughout the entire school year.  The bands are divided into two Concert Bands and Symphonic Wind Ensemble.  Each student to determine seating arrangements within the sections of the performance ensembles completes seating auditions.  The auditions will be tape recorded and consist of a sight reading piece (a piece never seen by the student that must be read), the chromatic scale, and two major scales.  Fifty points are possible on each audition.  Students are seated according to the rank in score on the audition.  The Symphonic Wind Ensemble is auditioned during the previous spring and will begin rehearsals the first day of school.  The Concert Bands will begin rehearsals immediately following seating auditions.

 The grading procedure for students in the Band Program at James Wood High School relies on student attendance at rehearsals and performances, the completion of musicianship tests, in-class participation, and the completion of written assignments due throughout the course of the school year.  There are three musicianship levels all students are eligible to achieve as they progress through the James Wood High School Band.  The Third and Second Class Musicianship levels are required and expected to be completed by all students in the program.  Grade penalties will be assessed if musicianship requirements are not met.  The First Class Musicianship Test is an advanced level musicianship test and optional to all students.  All three levels contain general musical knowledge and are very obtainable for completion by all students.  The written assignments will consist of musical analysis of students’ performance.  It is a class requirement for all students to attend the Concert Bands and Symphonic Wind Ensemble Winter and Spring Concerts.  From the concerts, each student must compose a 1 page minimum musical analysis on the music that they heard at the concert.  It will be due in their next band rehearsal.  In the event that a student is absent on the due date of a written assignment, the assignment will be due upon the student’s return to class.  Penalties will be assessed for papers turned in after the mandated due dates.  These penalties will be assessed at 5% per class the paper is late.  Make ups will be allowed if a student must miss a required audience credit.  It is the responsibility of the student to request a make up session to complete the assignment.  Playing tests will be given on occasion to test the students’ musical ability.  Students are expected to practice and know their music.  Poor test grades and chair penalties will result if students do not maintain acceptable performance levels.

Tools Utilized in Instruction
 The tools for instruction that are used through out the year are in the form of musical selections.  Music of different cultures, origins, and compositional styles are used throughout the school year.  A repertoire list for each of the two concert ensemble will be posted outside of the Band Office as soon as it is compiled for the school year.  The ensembles will perform different selections at each performance to maximize the musical experience of each participating student.

Instructional Timetable
 The following objectives are emphasized in an ongoing fashion throughout the school year.

1. Maintain proper performance skills
2. Develop and use memorization skills
3. Demonstrate proper breathing, embouchure, for respective instruments and hand positions for percussionists
4. Demonstrate a working knowledge of musical terms and symbols found in performance literature
5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of all chromatic and alternate fingerings for their respective instruments
6. Demonstrate knowledge of major and chromatic scales in ascending and descending patterns
7. Identify and demonstrate knowledge of key signatures in performance literature
8. Write, perform, and explain rhythms in simple and complex time signatures
9. Demonstrate, through sight reading, knowledge of musical markings, dynamics, tempo, and symbols found in performance literature
10. Read and perform music at the level appropriate to the level of the group

Quarterly Assessment
 As is new policy this school year, each student will be assessed quarterly as to his or her progress.  The assessment in band will take place in the following manner.  The quarterly assessment is worth 20% of the total quarter grade.

1st nine weeks – Playing test given on the week of Oct. 28 –Nov. 1, 2002
2nd nine weeks – Playing test given on the week of Jan. 13 – Jan.17, 2003
3rd nine weeks – Performances given the week of March 3 – March 8, 2003
4th nine weeks – Performances given in the Month of May, 2003

Percentage Breakdown of Band Grades
Attendance  35%
Written Work  20%
Musicianship  25%
Participation  20%

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