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Course Syllabus
2002 – 2003
Jazz Ensemble
James Wood High School

Jeffrey A. Rutherford, Instructor
667-5226 ext. 232
Voicemail box #381
662-3774 Band Office

Class Description

 The James Wood High School Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Lab Band are ensembles set to rehearse, study, and perform music of the jazz idiom.  Students in the Jazz Ensembles MUST BE current members of the Concert Band or Symphonic Wind Ensemble.  The rehearsals are on alternating mornings, Jazz Ensemble on Day 2, 7:00 AM and Jazz Lab Band on Day 1, 7:00 AM.  Spots will be filled in the two bands as they become available.  All spots will be filled through an audition process.  Students must perform sight reading pieces as well as show ability and desire to improvise in order to audition for the Jazz Ensemble.  Each Jazz Ensemble will consist of the following instrumentation, 2 alto saxophones, 2 tenor saxophones, 1 baritone saxophone, 4 trombones, 5(6) trumpets, 2 percussionists(1 set, 1 auxiliary), 1 bass guitar, 1 rhythm guitar, and 1 pianist.  Parts in Jazz Ensemble II could be doubled if interest is evident.

Tools for Instruction
 The tools for instruction used in the Jazz Ensemble are in the form of musical selections.  Once derived, a repertoire list will be posted on the bulletin board outside the Band Office.  Music performed by each ensemble will consist of a variety of Jazz and Rock Styles.

 The grading procedure for the Jazz Ensembles is based on attendance at rehearsals and performances.  Tardiness to rehearsals will affect the student’s grade and excessive tardies may mean dismissal from the group.  As with all of the performing ensembles at James Wood High School, all rehearsals and performances are required as part of the course curriculum.

Instructional Time Frame
 The following objectives are emphasized and ongoing throughout the course of the school year.
1. Perform a variety of jazz styles
2. Demonstrate a basic ability of improvisational skills
3. Demonstrate sight reading ability
4. Interpret jazz terms and symbols
5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the sectional and solo responsibilities as pertaining to jazz performance
6. Develop lead and section playing characteristics
7. Perform jazz literature using the standard jazz ensemble instrumentation

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