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James Wood High School Band Schedule
Symhonic Wind Ensemble/Concert Band/Jazz Ensemble
Peformance Schedule
Month                Date            Event                                                        Time                            Location
                         Daily Rehearsals

                        Daily Rehearsals
                       Daily Rehearsals
                           7            Benefit Concert                                              3 pm                            JWHS
                        10              Fall Concert (Concert/Symphonic)               7 pm                            JWHS
                                                Concert Band & Symhonic Wind Ensemble
                        12              Fall Jazz  Concert (Lab/Ensemble)               7 pm                            JWHS

                        8                All-District Band Auditions                           All  Day                    TBA

                        24               Winter Concert                                                7:00 pm                    JWHS
                                                    (CB/Jazz Lab/Jazz Ensemble)
                        26                District 14 Jazz Festival                                All Day                      JWHS
                        30                Winter Concert                                               7:00 pm                    JWHS
                                                      (Symphonic Wind Ensemble)

                        1-2                    All-District Band Festival                            TBA                            TBA
                        23                     All-State Band Auditions                              All Day                       JMU
                        28-Mar2          Musical "Once Upon a Mattress"            7:00 pm                        JWHS

                        4                        Pre-District Concert                                    7:00 pm                        JWHS
                        9                        District Band Festival                                  All Day                        Sherando HS
                        25-29                Spring Break

                        4-6                    All-State Band                                                TBA                            TBA
                        18-21                Band Sprink Trip/Festival/Tour                     TBA                            TBA

                    15                    Spring Concert                                                 7:00 pm                        JWHS
                                                    (CB/Jazz Lab/Jazz Ensemble)
                    21                    Spring Concert                                                7:00 pm                        JWHS
                                                    (Symphonic Wind Ensemble)

                    2                        Band Banquet/Business Meeting                 6:00 pm                        JWHS
                    7                        Graduation                                                     7:00 pm                        JWHS

The above dates and times are set for the coming school year. Every effort should be made to block these dates and participate in each and every event that is required for each ensemble with which you are associated. Work is never a valid reason for absence and it is the responsibility of the student to see that his/her employer is informed of these dates. If there are any questions about this schedule, its content, or the James Wood  Band Grading Policy or the Assessment Policy set forth by the Frederick County Board of education, please feel free to give me a call at the James Wood High School Band Offfice at 662-3774. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Jeffrey A. Rutherford
Director of Bands
James Wood High School

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